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Merrilyn R Reeves, LM, CPM

Licensed Midwife

 Prenatal, birth, and postpartum care

Nutritional and herbal counseling


We at New Beginnings Midwifery believe that childbirth is an important event in the life of a family.  We believe that a woman’s body is especially designed to accomplish pregnancy and birth, and that women birth best where they feel safe and protected.  A safe natural birth allows the best possible bonding experience between parents and baby in the hours immediately following the birth.  Happy empowered moms mean happy babies!   

We believe that midwives and parents share the responsibility for a healthy birth.  Parents are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, to become knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth, and to accept the responsibility for their choices in health care and birth outcome.  The midwife’s role is to assist the birthing couple by monitoring the pregnancy and birth process and by providing supportive care to the birthing woman and her infant throughout the process. 

Naturally, safety for mother and baby are a concern.  In 2005, the British Medical Journal published the results of a large study addressing the safety of home birth.  The conclusion was that, for low risk women, a planned home birth with Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) is as safe as a hospital birth.  The study also noted a lower rate of intervention with CPM managed births and found that over 97% of birthing women were "extremely or very satisfied" with midwifery care.  You may read the whole BMJ article here.


Advantages of Birthing at Home

  • Safety for mother and baby are addressed in previous paragraph.

  • Comfort for the laboring mother is provided as she is supported by her loved ones, eating, drinking, and moving about as she desires, following her own instincts and choosing positions as she pleases.

  • Midwifery care is personalized care, and takes into account the desires of the parents for their birth.

  • Emotional and spiritual elements also play an important part.  Because midwives see birth as a beautiful, natural process (rather than a clinical event), one which brings special joy to the woman’s life and family, they work with the family to provide the optimum birthing experience. 

  • Cost of a home birth is a fraction of a similar hospital delivery.  Often the midwife's fees are less than the cost of insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays.  Some insurance companies cover the cost of midwifery care and some will not.   

  • Environmental impact is far less than a hospital birth, usually resulting in a small sack of trash and a load of laundry.

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